Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Chosen Olympics!

Just because the Beijing Olympics are over doesn't mean you can't continue to enjoy those special Tribe-inspired events that didn't get as much play on TV. Luckily, classic competitions such as the Yarmulke Toss, Gefilte Fish Wrestling, not to mention Disconnecta Yenta, were captured on video exclusively by Heeb Magazine.

Our personal favorite? The Penny Pick-Up event! Why? Well, after collecting all those pennies, you can treat yourself to Mashuga Nuts and then place the leftover pennies in the empty nut tin a.k.a. your very own tzedakah box. It's a win-win! (What, you thought we wouldn't throw some product placement in there?)

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arnie draiman said...

and....once you have filled your tzedakah box, ya need to know where to give it away, so, check out: www.mitzvahheroesfund.org


arnie draiman