Monday, October 6, 2008

Getting Dazed for the Holy Days

Well, we're in the midst of the High Holiday season, but we are never too busy to not keep you up to date on holiday happenings!

The Jewish Channel  -- dubbed the "Jewish HBO" -- is airing an interview series with a veritable who's who of Jews among contemporary pop culture, dishing out brisket jokes and detailing clever High Holiday resolutions all in a style of something you might catch on VH1. The current incarnation of the series, "Holy Dazed," might shock with talk about sex and drugs, but it offers a chance to peek into the Jewish lives of some popular figures, including Huffington Post columnist Rachel Sklar, Hasidic musician Matisyahu, and former New York City mayor Ed Koch.

The channel will be airing segments from the interview series during various holidays throughout the year, and if they're all as good as the snippet where the interviewees do their best (and worst) to blow the shofar, we can't wait to tune in!

If you really want to shine like these hip and savvy Jews (okay, Ed Koch might not be that hip), then we suggest you head to the store and pick up "Cool Jew: The Ultimate Guide" to start the new year out with a bang of Jewish sweetness and savvy. Shana Tova!

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scott lakes said...

The main (?) leader of The Apples lives rt up the street from me. By the way Rob Schnieder is his name, has jewish roots. Yay. Have you heard of Raichal Edon? He is an Israeli musician=his band does lyrics in Hebrew, Arabic, Amharic & even Jamaican patois. Really interesting progressive music. Have you been to Israel, sister? I draw on that having been my experience quite a little bit, to give perspective about personal evolution, so to speak. blah blah
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