Sunday, November 30, 2008

Chanukah VS. Hanukkah

How do you spell Hanukkah?..or is it Chanukah? Each year we run in to the same dilemma at! How do we refer to "The Festival of Lights" on the website? Is it spelled "Hanukkah" or is it spelled "Chanukah"? While most Jewish organizations refer to it as "Chanukah," most retailers and Hallmark cards refer to the holiday as "Hanukkah." We want to know what you think!
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MoJito said...

What would be interesting is if you asked people what coast/area of the country they lived in. I bet preference for spelling varies based on location.

Reiza said...

I prefer the CH spelling and pronunciation. I hear England made, "Chanukah," the official spelling. Fine by me.

I just heard the song, "You Say Hanukah (sp) (I Say Chanukah)" song at Mama Doni's site the other day and I like it.

I've always liked the Rugrats clip where Angelica says, "It's not Hanukkah, it's CHanukah. You've gotta CH when you say it."