Saturday, December 13, 2008

Planning a Chanukah Party Part II: Decorations, Drinks, Games & Nosh!

Chanukah begins this Sunday! Have you got a Chanukah or Holiday Party in the works? In our last post we offered up some Chanukah jams to set the tone for your celebration. This time, we are focusing on all the other elements - decorations, drinks, games, and of course nosh!

We are LOVING Jones Soda's Chanukah 4 Pack featuring flavors like Latke, Apple Sauce, Chocolate Coins (yum!), and Jelly Doughnut. It is the perfect Chanukah party drink, and best yet, Jones Soda is Kosher!

For a fun alcoholic beverage, try The Manischewitz Sangria recipe by our friend and Schlep Tote designer Sari Victoria. This drink is always a huge hit at parties. Once you've emptied your Manischewitz bottle, pop in the Menorah Cork. Voila! You've got instant party decor, as well as a functioning menorah.

Speaking of decor, if you're planning to have non-Jewish folk at your Chanukah party, are planning a generic holiday party (or celebrate Chrismukkah) check out the Tree Menorah. It will make everyone feel included. Trim your Chanukah Bush with menorah string lights and Dreidel Hustler String Dolls.

This year, Chanukah coincides with Christmas. Are you planning to have the traditional Chinese food dinner on Christmas this year? Then our Jewish Fortune Cookies are a must. Filled with Yiddish proverbs and wittisisms, these cookies are always a party hit. As are Mashuga Nuts, the cinnamon sugar covered meringue pecans. YUM.

Lastly, you'll want to have games and favors! No Limit Texas Dreidel is the hottest Chanukah gift this year. This clever game combines the tradition of dreidel with No Limit Texas Poker. The Star of David Hologram Glasses are our favorite party favor. They turn any bright source of light (including menorah candles!) into glowing Jewish stars.

Have any other great party planning tips? Feel free to share in the comments section below!

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Shlomo said...

What about the Sofganiot?
If for Purim you are to get so drunk you can't tell the good guys from the bad, Chanukah is when we clog our artieries with oils & fats so much we can't tell ourselves from a Kosher Crisco plant. That is of course strange since the holiday is about oil conservation after all.

I have not tried any of these but Given the Krispy Kremes around Chicago are now shuttered and the kosher Dunkin donuts are serving sausage, this is the ramblings of a Blizzard ravaged, overexhausted Hired gun health inspector with a few too many Award-winning chefs for clients.

The usual fruit fillings are just boring, so I though I'd come up with a few less nutritional or at least far more fun fillings.

Sofganiot fillings
1) Chocolate cream with Grand Mainer
2) Ginger wasabi in lemon curd
3) Mango -- anything Mango.
4) Prickly pear sorbet (eat quickly!)
5)Cut in half as pockets - fresh strawberries in Champagne Sabayon sauce (to remember Rashi of course)
6) Tiramisu (marscapone filling)
7) Bananas foster. But you have to light it before filling. (and of course follow good fire safety procedures. Burning anything down on Chanukah is bad form -- says so in the Talmud)

I'm sure I can come up with more. These are untested. If I had a deep fryer at home Id' actually try some of these.

Steve Lipton