Friday, January 30, 2009

Going Green For Tu B'Shvat!

Tu B'Shvat, which falls on February 8th is know as the New Year for Trees. Many Jewish organizations, including Hazon are using Tu B'Shvat as an opportunity to spread the message of going green. If each one of us makes just a small change in our lives, we can contribute to making this world a better place. Isn't that what Tikkun Olam is all about?

In the comments section below, tell us what you've done or plan to do to be more green, or leave us a great tip on how to do it! Enter by Feb 8th, and one lucky winner will receive an eco-friendly Schlep Tote Bag from (Be sure to leave a link to your blog or twitter, facebook, or myspace accounts so we can contact you if you are the winner!)


Jessica said...

My biggest effort to go green is to use a portable metal sippy cup for all of my toddler's water and juice--that way I buy large jugs at home and constantly refill his cup instead of using a ton of plastic bottles. We also reuse quite a bit--old wipe containers make great storage for match box cars and other little toys!
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Rebecca said...

My biggest plan to go green is to use canvas totes at stores versus paper or plastic bags when I am shopping.

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Rich Reuven Greenberg said...

At Expos, Conferences etc, I will not pick up all the exhibitor's pamphlets, shwag and brochures, just their business card. Then at home I can check out their website directly and avoid all the paper waste!

Rich Reuven Greenberg
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Jessi said...

This year I'm taking an environmental science class so being enviro friendly has been in the forefront of my thoughts lately. I recently purchased some compact fluorescent light bulbs at Ikea and I'm slowly changing over all of the blubs in my apartment to CFLs. They save money and have a much smaller impact on the environment.
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Jessi said...

I'm taking an enviromental class this semester so becoming greener has been in the forefront of my thoughts lately. I recently went out to Ikea and bought some Compact fluorescent light bulbs. I plan to switch over all my bulbs to CFLs. CFLs save electricity and have a much smaller impact on the enviroment.
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TheAngelForever said...

We hardly ever use plastic bags when we shop. I always have reusable ones in my car ready for a spur of the moment trip to the grocery store. We also have reusable water bottles for the entire family and will beng schlepig them on an upcoming trip to avoid the need for plastic bottles.

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Lauren said...

Reusable groceries bags made from old t-shirts. Compost. It cuts back on what we put in the garbage by half. Maybe more. At work I make copies on the back of old pieces of paper and/or cut up to write notes on.
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Lauren said...

One more thing I wanted to add. After we use glass jars of food we wash them out and use them for food storage.

stephanie said...

i also have been carrying reusable nylon grocery bags or using previously used plastic bags on second, third and fourth shopping trips.

Mobius said...

i'm buying a commuter bike and intend to start biking to work every morning

Kerri said...

I will be growing most of my own vegetables this year in a community garden plot. I attempted this last year, and tiptoed into it. After seeing that I could grow some peppers, peas, and tomatoes, I will be planting a little of every vegetable that I eat and that might take to the New England soil/climate.

I've also begun to take the bus to work several days a week rather than drive.